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Dispute Support & Dispute Resolution Services

The Dispute Services of Financial sheriff's  is dedicated to assisting clients, attorneys, and the court in identifying the most effective and efficient ways to manage the wide range of cases and investigations that may arise.  

Dispute Support Services 

Here are some of the services our Financial Posse(sm)is capable of providing:

Dispute Resolution Services

Negotiation Services:

On behalf of our clients, we are able to negotiate the financial and tax aspects of complex transactions and agreements.  We tailor the negotiation style and the outcome to the needs of our clients. Whether it is negotiating for royalites owed to them or the terms of a business contract, we are able to increase the likelihood that a better deal with be struck.

Mediation Services:

Mediation is a process and ideally it should be a voluntary process.  It is different from an Arbitration Process in that it leaves the decision-making in the hands of the disputants to decide whether or not they want to forge a compromise and produce a written document which memorializes that compromise.  

The mediators job is to:

        underlying  issues so that are able to   

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